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Unit 2, 1 Tully Road
East Perth WA
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Read Article: Whats makes the best type of residential property to invest in?

Whats makes the best type of residential property to invest in?

Different types of properties be it a house, villa/unit or apartment offer varying benefits and drawbacks for investors. So best for investment?

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Read Article: What to look for in a good investment property

What to look for in a good investment property

What are some features that investors should keep an eye out for to help ensure theyre buying a property that will make a good investment?

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About Us

Momentum Wealth Property Investment Consultants and Buyer's Agents offer market leading research and advice on the Australian property market, assisting clients in the strategic planning, financing, acquisition, management and development of commercial and residential investment property.

Want to know if the suburb you're considering buying in will be a good investment for you? Get in touch with us and we can advise.

What is a Buyer's Agent?
Our Buyer's Agent service will help you get the best deal for your property purchase. Similar to a Real Estate Agent, who sells a property and negotiates the highest price for the seller, a buyer's agent will work for you from the opposite end of the fence - acting on behalf of you, the buyer, to negotiate the best and fairest price for a property.

Ready to take the next step?

Want to ask a question about our Property Investment or book a free consultation to start on your path to property investment? Then contact us or book a consultation.

Or perhaps you just want to get more information for now? Then you can visit our website to download an Investor Pack, an ebook or sign up to our newsletter to get more food for thought.

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